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    Vans have been making stylish footwear for over fifty years, but it wasn't until the 90s when they became the go-to kicks for the skateboarding community. Since then, Vans skate shoes have been synonymous with the skateboarding lifestyle. This was cemented in 1996 with the launch of the Vans Warped Tour punk and rock festival. If you've ever kick-flipped, nose-grinded or pulled a sick 360 on a half-pipe, chances are you've either owned or wanted to own a pair of Vans skate shoes. Vans skate shoes are well known for introducing a range of features that make their custom-designs for skating. This includes polyurethane or vulcanised rubber soles with a shallow tread and a suede or composition leather upper. The stitching is usually double or even triple, which aids in extending the life of the upper material. A low, padded tongue is also essential for comfort on and off the board. Despite their roots in skater-culture, you don't have to live on four wheels to enjoy a pair of Vans skate shoes. With a huge range of styles, designs and materials there's plenty of Vans shoes for people who intend to keep both their feet firmly on terra firma.