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    Heelys have been available for some years now and at Slick Willies we have always kept a decent range in stock including Heelys for boys and Heelys for girls. One of the main questions we get asked is "what is better, 1 wheel or 2 wheel Heelys?" We always say that having 2 wheels is ever so slightly easier when starting out as the two wheels provide a slightly wider balance point than having 1 wheel. Saying that getting the hang of Heelys still provides a bit of a challenge but nearly all kids grasp it pretty quickly and from then on they are just great fun. What you see on our website is a selection of Heelys that we sell, we sometimes have different styles in store so if you want to check availability please give us a call on 0207 225 0004 or email before you come in. One thing is for sure though we will have a pair of Heelys suitable for you.