Moxi Roller Skates

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    What Are Moxi Roller Skates?

    At Slick Willie's, our collection of Moxi roller skates really showcases the quality of both design and build that the brand has to offer. Created by roller-skating legend Estro Jen, who teamed up with Riedell, Moxi is a brand that produces high-quality, professional-level skates. These are designed to not only look the part but are also hugely comfortable from the off, meaning they require very little if any time to be broken in - so the plasters can be kept in the cabinet.

    Our range of Moxi skates includes the Beach Bunny model, as well as their flagship Lolly style. All roller skates from this particular brand come in fabulous, eye-catching colours that are guaranteed to turn heads - and that’s even before people have seen you showing off your skills in them!

    Depending on the Moxi model, the skates may be made from materials including a genuine leather or slightly more affordable animal-friendly materials. Some designs also have a vinyl boot, cushioned with ankle padding, while you may also appreciate an ergonomically designed collar for extra comfort. But whichever you choose, you can be sure comfort is at the top of the manufacturer’s priority list.

    Moxi skates also offer an awesome balance of speed and control, giving you great freedom to show off your skills with a wide range of tricks.