Skateboard Bearings

We provide a vast selection of skateboard bearings for all types of skateboards. From classic boards to downhill longboarding, our range has something for everyone! Choose from a variety of different brands and styles - all with top-quality components that ensure smooth rides time after time.

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    The Best Skateboard Bearings

    At Slick Willie’s we have tons of skateboard bearings available from all the best brands. We stock the full Bones bearings range including the skaters choice Bones reds and the amazing Bones ceramics. If you are a fan of Diamond Supply Co hardware we also do the Diamond Rings and Smoke Rings. A good set of bearings makes all the difference on a skateboard so getting a good set is always worth the investment.

    As well as our skateboards, a number of our bearings can also be used for scooters, quads, longboards and even inline skates as they are all measured based on an ABEC scale range. If you do need any assistance on choosing the right set, please do not hesitate to contact us or pop in store with your skateboard.