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    The Best Stoppers For Roller Skates

    Whether you’re playing derby or just skating for fun, when it comes to roller skates, stoppers are essential. Toe stoppers help you to brake safely and quickly – and they can make all the difference to your skating ability.

    Generally, stoppers tend to be made from polyurethane which will naturally wear down over time. Here’s some advice from us: try not to wait until the last minute to have them replaced. Once they’re completely worn down, it can be pretty tricky to get the skate stopper off the mount of your roller skates.

    Otherwise, they’re pretty easy to replace and you should have nothing to worry about. Once you’ve found the stopper for you, you’ll only need a few tools and a few moments to fit them securely. Then you’ll be well on your way to making tactical turns when you need to the most.

    Here at Slick Willie’s we stock a whole host of replacement stoppers for roller skates. From subtle shades to vibrant, eye-popping colours – we want you to find the stoppers that best suit you. Browse our selection and find the set that’s right for you and your roller skates.