Roller Skate Bearings

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    The Best Bearings For Roller Skates

    Sometimes the little things make all the difference. You might have found

    roller skates that look great and feel just right, but this is worth nothing if your bearings aren’t up to scratch. Bearings are absolutely vital. They allow the wheels of your skate to turn smoothly by stopping the metal from grinding. They also affect how long a wheel can keep turning after each push. A good set of bearings means less effort on your part, and a more enjoyable skating experience all round.

    A poor quality bearing can turn skating into a chore, which is why we only stock the very best. We’ve got great deals on bearings from top brands including Bones, Qube and Wicked.

    If you have any questions about bearings, or about any of our other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve got years of roller skating experience and we’re always happy to help. Email us at, or pop into our store.