Inline Skate Frames And Rollerblade Frames

Our selection of inline skate frames and rollerblade frames is comprehensive and ranges from beginner to advanced levels. We have an array of different colours and styles, so you can find the perfect frame to match your look. With our free delivery on orders over £100

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    The Best Inline Skate Frames

    Here at Slick Willie’s we are now stocking a select range of Inline skate frames, some are suited to slalom and other to speed. We are also proud to stock some of the very best brands such as rollerblade, FR and Powerslide. If you need any help when choosing the right inline skate frames, why not give us a call today or drop in store for further help.

    New frames can transform your inline skating experience completely. The right frames can increase flexibility and manoeuvrability for slalom skaters, maximise speed for those who think faster is better, or stay light and sturdy for urban free skaters.

    We stock frames suitable for many boot styles in a variety of lengths and three or four-wheel setups, each one enhancing your skates in different ways. Changing up your inline skates can not only improve your skate performance but also add an element of customisation to make your skates as unique as you are; there's plenty of colour options to make your inline skates stand out so your skates look as good as they perform.

    If you're not sure which frames are right for you and don't know your banana setup from your three-wheelers, drop us a message and our staff will be on hand to help you make the right choice.