Bones Skateboards & Accessories

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater, Bones bearing has something for everyone. Our range includes wheels, bearings and skateboard accessories that are perfect for all levels of skating. Choose from our selection of items to make the most out of your skating experience.

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    Bones skateboard company should need no introduction at all, their products are legendary and they have been around since the beginning.

    Bones Bearings

    Bones bearings are probably what they are most famous for with the classic Bones Reds being our best selling pack of bearings every single year for as long as we can remember. Bones create bearings for every level with the Bones Swiss sitting in mid range and high end ceramics at the top.

    Bones Wheels

    Bones wheels are also incredibly good and again there is a wheel suitable for every rider and surface that needs to be skated.

    They come in a varying range of diameters, durometers, shapes, weights, and colours. If you want long-lasting wheels, we highly recommend Bones' wide wheels. The wider wheel makes these accessories more resistant to general wear and tear, while also giving you more control.

    Unique Bones formulas

    What makes Bones skateboard wheels excellent is their different terrain formulas.

    Bones street-tech formula (STF)

    STFs are perfect for the street. They are a harder wheel and they allow you to grip and slide without flat spotting, while also reaching optimum speeds. These wheels give you more control over your skate, filling you with confidence when daring to try new tricks.

    Bones STF wheels come in 99A and 103A – allowing you to choose the option that best aligns with your goal. If you’re looking to perfect softer landings on difficult terrains, opt for the 99A wheels for a smoother ride. Alternatively, for better slideability, choose the 103A wheels.

    Bones all-terrain formula (ATF)

    For wheels that can perform on any terrain, purchase the Bones ATF wheels. Manufactured using soft urethane, these wheels allow you to perfect all trips and tricks irrespective of the road quality. This means you can get around more smoothly and quickly.

    Bones skatepark formula (SPF)

    SPFs are best suited to the skatepark, as the name suggests. They’re a bit softer than the STF’s to give more grip.

    Bones Rough Riders

    Bones Rough Riders use the ATF formula, but they have a really wide riding surface making them perfect for downhill skateboarding, long cruises and rough ground.

    Easy Streets

    The newest addition from this brand, the Easy Streets, are slightly softer than the STFs and in a 99a durometer, meaning you can move faster and roll smoother over varying terrains.

    Bones 100 Wheels

    Go classical with the Bones 100 wheels – designed for street use and with durability in mind. The 100 wheels come in sizes ranging between 52mm to 55mm to optimise your performance as you see fit.

    Fast delivery available on all of our Bones skateboard wheels and skateboard bearings to get you rolling properly.

    For more information on wheel size, hardness and shape options, read our Skateboard Wheels Buyer's Guide.