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    Heelys For Girls

    With a great range of Heelys to choose from at Slick Willie's, we cater for every girl that enjoys skating and looking fashionable in equal measures. Whether you fancy a monochrome tone or more vibrant hues, our Heelys are sure to command attention, no matter which colour choice you opt for. Style is inherent in every pair of Heelys we sell, with funky and classic designs to rival any other footwear you'll find in the shops. Choose between a single wheel on the heel or a double one, depending on how fast you want your Heelys to take you. Having this option means our Heelys are ideal for those new to this fun activity, as well as catering for those who are more experienced skaters. Good looks aren't the only feature that makes our Heelys stand out from the crowd. Comfort is also prioritised, so you can enjoy wearing these shoes just like any other footwear. The Heelys we sell are made from quality materials that are designed to maximise support and protection, as well as offer a secure and easy fit. For girls with a passion for Heelys, it's also reassuring to know that the durable soles can withstand plenty of use. Get in touch to find out more.