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    Roller Skates For Kids

    Check out our awesome range of kids roller skates available at Slick Willie's. Choose from our wide collection of slick skates, including SFR, Rookie and Rio Roller. If you’re after a retro look, you might like the Rookie Retro Roller Skates V2.1, based on the style of high top sneakers. If you’re keen on a sharp-looking design ideal for new skaters, the SFR Hurricane Adjustable Roller Skates might be more to your taste, while the Rio Roller Lumia are guaranteed to turn heads with their stand-out, stylish design.

    But with more than 35 models to choose from, we’re sure to have to perfect skates to get you freewheeling in style. Roller skates are a great way for getting little kids and big kids alike out in the fresh air, and are a fun way to not only exercise but even travel to school or work! At Slick Willie's, we cater to all experience levels and budgets. All our junior models are quad skates are available with next day delivery.