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    Theeve Skateboard Trucks

    Whether you’re planning on building a brand-new deck from scratch or want to upgrade your existing board, we have a great selection of Theeve trucks to choose from.

    Known as the Titanium Truck Company and established in 2007, Theeve is a brand that prides itself on rolling out top quality trucks that are super-durable and built to last. Reputation is everything and Theeve can proudly count among its sponsors a host of top names, including 2020 Trick of the Year veteran Brandon Turner, former Skater of the Year Jake Duncombe and Canadian pro ace Jordan Hoffart.

    From super-strong one-piece axeless titanium models specifically designed to withstand the heaviest of impacts to all-round performers that are built to cope with any task, we have a range of Theeve trucks to suit any skating style. Whichever model you choose, 55mm high hardcore bushings come as standard, which means you’ll always be able to enjoy the smoothest pivots. And, thanks to the company’s celebrated True Turn Geometry that every model boasts, they’re expertly constructed so you can always turn on a dime.

    Trucks have long lead the way when it comes to technical innovation, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on style. From simple smooth chrome to slick black and cool white finishes, each truck features the brand’s distinctive logo. There’s even a range of signature models from members of Team Theeve to add a little colour into the mix, so you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on the half-pipe.

    Theeve Trucks Size Chart

    Theeve Trucks Size

    Skateboard Deck Width


    7.5 - 8.0”


    7.75 - 8.0”


    8.0 - 8.25”


    8.25 - 8.5”


    8.5 - 9.0”

    For more information on how to make sure you’re fitting the right size truck, read our Skateboard Truck Buyer's Guide.