We have been selling Slamm scooters since stunt scooters were first released back in 2011, not everyone realises now but Slamm was a brand that helped the stunt scooter scene to get to where it has today. The first Slamm Rage scooters took the country by storm and it was that first generation of riders that made the boom happened and kept a lot of skate shops going in the process. Now over 7 years on Slamm are still going strong and still making great value stunt scooters that are ideal for entry level riders. In the current Slamm scooter range there are 3 stand out models, the Tantrum scooters are designed for younger and smaller riders, the urban scooters are aimed at older children to teenagers and the Assault scooters are for more advanced riders. For advice on any Slamm stunt scooters just give us a call or get in touch online, we can talk you through the different models and with next day delivery available get you a new Slamm scooter fast.