SK8 Mafia

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    SK8Mafia is, without a doubt, one of the best skateboarding companies around - combining expert craftsmanship with unusual and eye-catching designs that have been bought (and enjoyed) by skaters across the world.

    To put it simply: SK8Mafia is a brand for skaters, designed by skaters. The company was formed in by a group of friends in San Diego, who were passionate about skating and knew what they wanted from a board exactly. So, they went out and made it themselves.

    Whether you select an OG Skateboard in simple black and white, or a sleek and stylish SK8 Mafia house Logo Oil skateboard - you're sure to be impressed by both the design and quality of the product. Each SK8Mafia board is made from the highest quality materials, including 7ply maple. This means that SK8Mafia skateboards are strong, durable and ready to go. Whether you're riding down the street or in a skatepark, a SK8Mafia board will ensure you have a smooth ride.

    If you can't get enough of their boards, SK8Mafia also produce high-quality skating apparel.

    With that in mind, SK8Mafia is certainly a brand to watch out for and are set to revolutionise the industry with their wild and wacky designs.