This is our full range from Seba skates including their most popular freestyle skates, hardware and accessories. Seba Inline Skates took the scene by storm a few years ago and dominated the freestyle and slalom skate market completely. The Seba FR skates were something new and changed the way many people could skate bridging the gap between recreational and aggressive rollerblades. Freestyle or Urban inline skating boomed as people could push the limits of their skates and themselves. It's not just Seba skates that we sell, we also do a range of hardware including slalom cones and bearings and Seba backpacks are also extremely popular thanks to their high quality and brilliant design. With free UK delivery available on every pair of Seba Inline skates that we sell getting a pair is easy and if you can make it in to our shop you are more than welcome to try a few pairs on. If you want advice on the Seba range do not hesitate to contact us as we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.