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    Investing in a high-quality, cutting-edge board is the most important move you can make as a skater. Your board can help you reach new speeds, tackle advanced moves and master testing corners and turns – so take the time to choose it carefully.

    Ram is one of the leading manufacturers of longboards and has a great selection. Choose from its range of longboards, which were designed with speed and agility in mind. Ram’s longboards are excellent, all-round boards – each designed to help you master different aspects of skating.

    Its 38” Lokz Marina Blue longboard is ideal for holding steadily through even the sharpest and longest corners. While its Milho Mahogany Rose longboard is especially suited for coping with coarse surfaces. Its 42” Batch board has a wide deck and wheelbase, which is ideal for handling higher speeds and long corners. If you’re looking to improve your carving skills, the Taniha Burnt Olive board has a mild W concave to lock your feet into place and enable ultimate control. And finally, the Ram Solitary is a fantastic all-round board that’s perfect for beginners keen to learn the basics of skating.