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    Pig Skateboard Wheels

    One of the first benefits of using Pig skateboard wheels is the wide range of products available to you. Firstly, pig skateboard wheels come in a range of sizes, from 50mm to 58mm. You have a great range of options that help you to tailor the way your ride feels when you're out on your board. If you're a technical skater then choose a smaller wheel for more mobility, whereas larger wheels reward more chilled rides on a sunny afternoon. The right wheel means you make the most of your skating style.

    Pig wheels offer both Pig Head Natural wheels and Pig Prime wheels, letting you choose between the incredible Pig Head design and the pristine white of the Pig Prime wheels. There is plenty of choice for anyone looking for a perfect wheel design.

    All the accessories

    When you get a wheel, you need to be sure that you get all of the necessary components. Everything from a skateboard tool and risers to bearings and board wax is available from Pig, so all of the parts of your board work perfectly together to provide perfect performance. Since their origin in 1996 when they were created by Tum Yeto, Pig Wheels bring incredible quality that you can trust with every product relating to your board's wheels.