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    Founded in 2008 by Philly born roller derby girl Michelle Steilen, aka Estro Jen, Moxi is a hugely popular and well-respected roller skate brand with its flagship store in Long Beach, California. Supporting an active lifestyle, Moxi was born out of a love of roller skating stunt work, roller derby workout videos and the joy of taking skating out of the rink and onto the boardwalk.

    Moxi creates fun and colourful unisex rollerskates crafted to the highest quality. The Lolly roller skate, which comes in delectable colours such as seafoam green and vivid pink, is one of Moxi’s flagship models, engineered with genuine leather suede, nylon base plates, MDI wheels and Kwick Abec 5 bearings. Alongside the Lolly, you’ll find models including Jack and Beach Bunny, named after Steilen's brother and pet rabbits respectively.

    All of Moxi’s roller skates focus on comfort, grip and perfect balance, ensuring speed and control are easily achieved. They’re manufactured by hand in Minnesota and are seen on the feet of Instagram influencers and Moxi Skate Girls all over the world. The designs pay homage to both the 1920s and the 1980s, with their richly coloured uppers and hip, retro vibe.

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