Mob Grip pride themselves on providing the 'grippiest' grip tape in skateboarding and being the Number 1 choice on the market for professional skateboarders. Mob grip tape for skateboards comes in a range of snazzy designs to show off your personality and make your board stand out from the crowd.

    Feeling old-school? Try Mob's standard black grip take for a smooth, reliable and, of course, grippy finish. If you're looking for something more out there, Mob grip tape also have a range of colourful designs to suit any style, whether you're a metal-blasting Thrasher enthusiast or a tie-dye loving hippie.

    The super-sticky adhesive on this tape will stay secure in hot and cold weather, it won't budge even if it gets wet. Mob grip tape promises you 'no bubbles, no troubles!' with hundreds of invisible perforations in their tape that allows air to escape, guaranteeing you a bubble-free application every time. Smooth!