Here is our full range of products from the Micro scooters brand. Micro are the most famous scooter brand in the UK and during school run time there are kids all over the country heading to school on their various types of Micro scooter. We sell Micro scooters suitable for all ages right through from 2 year olds to adults, here is a brief run through of what we would recommend. For toddlers starting out Mini Micro Scooters are the best models to go for, their 3 wheels make them easy to balance on and they are nice and light too. Once kids grow out of the mini the next model to progress to is the Maxi Micro, they feature the same 3 wheel design but have extendable handle bars and a higher weight limit for bigger children. The next logical step after having 3 wheeled Micro scooter is to go onto the Micro Sprite, these metal two wheel scooters are easy to ride and have a weight limit of 100kgs so are suitable for adults too, if you want something a little bigger than the Micro Speed is a similar scooter but with a bigger deck and wheels. Finally if you are after a commuter scooter then consider either the Micro Black, Flex Deluxe or Suspension scooters, these all come with large 200mm wheels and make traveling around so easy. All are foldable so when not in use they can be carried easily or stored away. For more advice on the Micro scooter range either give us a call or email or better still come in store and try one out.