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    If you’re a keen Roller Skater, you’ll know the importance of high-quality bearings. Buying the right bearings can help to optimise your performance, enabling your wheels to rotate smoothly and freely.

    Bearings are not only functional – they look great too. See our range of bearings from popular skating brand Kwik, and customise the look of your skates and your own personal style. You can’t go wrong with the bearings you choose; our skate bearings collections come in a standard size, so they are compatible with almost any skates.

    When choosing your bearings, you’ll want to consider what Kwik has to offer as a brand, and the look it adds to your skates. But you’ll also need to consider aspects such as handling, vibration and speed. Choosing a good quality set of bearings can help to improve handling and enable greater speeds. They can help you with balance and manoeuvrability, even in the most subtle ways. If you’re unsure of which bearings to choose, have a browse of our Kwik bearings to pick the ones that best fit your skating needs.