Grizzly Griptape was where it all began for this company, started by the skateboarding legend Torey Pudwill it has grown massively over the last few years and they now produce a huge clothing range and plenty of other skate accessories. We mainly stock their Grizzly Griptape and that's because it is some of the best skateboard grip tape you can get your hands on, aside from the fact that it comes in a huge range of cool designs we like it because it is firstly great to cut when gripping a skateboard deck and also because it skates well. It provides grip and control when you need it but won't shred your shoes like some other brands out there. We always keep a range of Grizzly Grip in stock so if you don't see what you want online we may have more available in store, releases are seasonal so designs can change through the year, we keep the staple designs in stock on our website.