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    Skateboard enthusiasts will be able to tell a Deathwish deck from a mile off. With its distinctive logo and raw graphics that veer towards the gnarly side, this esteemed brand certainly stands out from the pack. Despite being established in just 2008, Deathwish has managed to pick up a legion of devoted followers in a relatively short period of time.

    With an assortment of eye-catching and intriguing designs to choose from, our Deathwish skateboard decks offer something for everyone. A variety of sizes also ups the versatility of this label, giving it enduring appeal to skateboarders of all levels.

    As you would expect from a brand that sits under the umbrella of the established Baker Boys name, affordability and quality are inherent in all of the decks available. Made using sturdy materials, our Deathwish decks are designed to earn a place on any skateboard park for a long time to come.