As the leading surfskate brand, Carver has been at the forefront of surfskate technology since its inception back in 1996. Designed for those with a twin passion for skateboarding and surfing, the decks from Carver can be relied upon to produce thrilling twists, turns and tricks with every ride.

    With a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from, Carver appeals to all ages and levels of skateboarder. Attention to detail with regards to aspects such as construction and design means that every surfskating style is catered for by this brand.

    Strong and sturdy wheels ensure you can work your surfskate hard, while a solid deck promises to deliver longevity. Despite the toughness of the deck, each model possesses a lightweight feel that gives the rider extra oomph on every turn.

    Stylishly designed in a range of striking colours, you can be sure that a Carver surfskate board will turn heads on any skateboarding park.