Since the turn of the 21st century, leading skateboard brand Baker has earned a loyal army of devoted followers. As popular today as its first inception, Baker is a mainstay of any skateboard park.

    Baker Skateboard Decks

    Ideal for those new to skateboarding as well as those with bags of experience, our great range of Baker skateboard decks offer universal appeal. With the highly distinctive Baker lettering featuring on each deck, it's easy to see how this sought-after brand stands out from the crowd.

    Available in a variety of colours and styles, our Baker skateboard decks feature in a range of sizes to suit your preferences.  Skaters can also choose between a steep or mellow concave on the boards, depending on your riding style. A steep concave has a more aggressive curve making it easier to do technical tricks, whereas the mellow concave is a little easier going  and has better stability perfect for ramps and park. Read our skateboard deck buyers guide for more information about selecting the right size and type of board.

    As a progressive and respected skateboarding label, it goes without saying that you can expect longevity from Baker skateboard decks. Made from top quality Canadian maple, these are decks that you can truly depend upon.