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    Arbor is a unique southern Californian skateboarding company founded by Bob Carlson. Since its very beginning, Arbor has been dedicated to making a positive environmental impact on the planet. Launched in 1995, the brand bucked the trend for a constant stream of newness by refurbishing snowboards into the very best skateboards, whether you're street skating, cruising or heel flipping.

    Arbor is a collective made up of skilled craftsmen, renowned artists and team riders, so you know you’re in for a treat with their skateboards. Many of their boards are crafted from responsibly sourced wood from the Koa forests of Hawaii and the brand's 'Returning Roots' programme donates back to the forest to rebuild and preserve the land. Many of Arbor's skateboards include distinctive and decorative veneer on the undersides and their wheels are produced not only from polyurethane but also with a more environmentally friendly sugar-based mix that uses much less oil than that found in regular skateboarding wheels.

    Today, Arbor is one of the most innovative skateboarding brands in the world, crafting their products from sustainable wood, using materials such as bamboo and reinforcing their maple decks with eco-friendly hemp. From smooth craves to endless cruising, Arbor is all about adventure, soul and sustainability. Their signature wood is impeccable, their craftsmanship is incredible, their artist collaborations are awesome and their ethics are always on point.