Heelys - Buying Advice

What are Heelys you may be thinking? They are shoes with a removable wheel in the sole underneath the heel of the foot. Heelys allow the rider to roll along the ground balancing on the two back wheels, making them appear to almost magically glide. The great thing about Heelys is that whenever you want you can remove the wheels and use them as a normal shoe making them really versatile. We stock a great range of models and have Heelys for Boys and Heelys for Girls.

There are two main types of Heelys which are:

  • One Wheeled - This type of Heelys has a single wheel on each shoe, one wheeled Heelys tend to be better for people who have fairly good balance, the advantage of one wheel is that it is easier to turn and they go slightly faster than two wheels.
  • Two Wheeled - These Heelys have 2 wheels at the back of each shoe. Having two wheels make it easier to balance so they are better for younger kids and beginners. A good thing about the two wheeled Heelys is that you can always take the front wheel out so that you then have a one wheeled Heely!


We would recommend going one size up when buying Heelys as they usually come up on the small side. So if you would normally be a size 2uk then go one size bigger to a 3uk. For Children who have fast growing feet it may even be worth going two sizes up but we would recommend buying extra innersoles to help reduce the space slightly at first. If the size you buy is wrong you are more than welcome to post them back for an exchange.


Well the answer to this is to throw in a quick search on Youtube, there should be plenty of guides to getting the basics down!