When it comes to finding the perfect set of wheels to suit your board, we have a superb selection of Wayward wheels to choose from.

    As is clear from the name, Wayward is a brand that loves to do its own thing. Founded in 2014 by UK skate stars Andrew Brophy and Benny Fairfax, it produces a versatile range of wheels to suit all styles of skating. The pair has certainly hit the ground rolling since, enlisting an impressive roster of names to team Wayward, including Brazil’s Skate Pro star Rodrigo TX and 2019 Vans Showdown winner Tyler Bledsoe.

    Wayward wheels come in a variety of diameters and shapes, including smaller 51-53mm models that are great for street skating and 54-56mm wheels perfect for park and ramps. Available in both classic cut and funnel cut styles, each wheel in the range has its own style and size, and is a signature design based on the preferences of Wayward sponsors such as Diego Najera, Tom Snape and Lucas Puig.

    For more information on wheel size, hardness and shape options, read our Skateboard Wheels Buyer's Guide.