Ventro Pro


    Ventro Pro manufacture high-quality roller skates. Do you remember the "Bauer Turbo 33" rollers with their signature hard plastic shell? Then you will definitely appreciate the Ventro Pro range.

    Although the Bauer Turbo was ceased in 1994, the Ventro Pro is in no way a retro boot. These are high-tech modern roller skates, suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. The Ventro Pro are exclusively peak performance skates that provide a sturdy and reliable base (Xytel Playmaker chassis) with an extra smooth roll. These features lend themselves to a fast skating style and slower intricate moves alike. As a result, roller disco and roller parks are all handled with equal competence.

    The addition of the 83a wheels provides a high level of control and grip, especially over uneven surfaces. The classic boot styling with the colour-matched wheels and toe stop add a fashionable edge to the Ventro Pro quads. Finished with their black and white laces, these skates are very pleasing to the eye, allowing them stand out in the crowd as a force to be reckoned with.

    Often outselling the competition, these roller skates provide a level of quality and reliability at a price range that won't break the bank.