Tony Hawk

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    Into the '90s underground world of sidewalks and stoops exploded a hyper kid who would alter the world of skateboarding forever.

    Tony Hawk turned pro at the age of 14 and within two years he was the best skateboarder in the world. “Birdman” dominated the skateboard tour, winning multiple titles and creating skate folklore with crazy tricks, flips and high flying acrobatics. And that's not to mention the iconic video game which bears his name and brought boarding into the bedrooms of enthusiasts around the globe.

    After a career of impressive firsts, innovations, kickflips, half pipes and hand plants, Hawk landed the first-ever 900 in history in the summer of '99. The best day of his life, Hawk then retired on the ultimate skateboarding high and his name continues to inspire boarders of all ages.

    The Tony Hawk skateboard catalogue starts with the entry-level 180 and goes all the way up the 360 for older kids honing their skatepark skills. The 540 series offers a great spec for those progressing while the 720 bridges the gap between intermediate and pro level.

    All of the boards in the Tony Hawk range feature a 7-ply maple deck, aluminium and polyurethane bushings, ABEC 3 precision bearings and superior deck tape for insane traction. Birdman-inspired artwork ensures these boards stand out from the crowd with a mind-bending colour scheme to suit all tastes.

    Hawk remains one of the most recognisable sportsmen in the world. He has always been the iconic influencer and is passionate about encouraging newbies to the sport. The Tony Hawk range offers an affordable way into skateboarding for wannabe skater boys and girls of all ages. Ride the concrete wave and fly the airwalk hot on the wheels of the Birdman with a Tony Hawk skateboard.