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    Sacrifice manufactures their stunt scooters for some serious riding, so if you're looking for a pro scooter that has both substance and style, look no further. The ICH systems on the Sacrifice Flytes make the handling light but the scooter strong and the varied thickness and width of the decks allow you to perform stunts comfortably. Whether they're narrow or slightly wider, you'll always be nimble. The Delta Core wheels lessen the risk of dehubbing so your scooter can stand up to the impact while you tear it up in the skateparks. Meanwhile, the grips soak up the shock, diminishing the impact of the stunts on your hands and arms.

    These scooters are for seasoned scooter users and people who really want to get the best out of their scooters. The tall handlebars on several of these models make them suitable for teenagers and for older stunt-scooting enthusiasts. The designers haven't sacrificed visuals for strength and aerodynamics, however, and have achieved a balance between creating stunt scooters that look the part but will also do the job. The bikes' design, together with the simple but bold colour schemes, encapsulates the spirit of pro stunt scooter riders: unafraid to stand out and ready for the challenge.