MGP (AKA, Madd Gear Pro) made some of the first ever stunt scooters and really were one of a few brands to kick start the whole extreme sport scootering has become. They have always been a best selling brand for us as year on year they improve their scooters and produce fresh ranges. Madd Gear also sponsor some of the best riders in the industry and their pro team is always strong. If you are looking for an entry level MGP stunt scooter then currently the VX8 Shredder Pro and VX8 Pro scooters are what you would want to look at, the Shredder is designed for younger and smaller riders with the standard Pro being full size so good for teenagers. A step up would take you to the VX8 Team scooters, you could consider them intermediate level but they have a very high spec. The top of the range Madd Scooters are the VX8 Extreme models, ridden by the MGP pro team you don't get much better than these! If you would like any advice on MGP products please get in touch, all complete scooters are available with free delivery in the UK and we have a next day delivery service too.