187 Killer Pads


    Those who skateboard will know just how tough, durable and legendary 187 Killer Pads is. Founded by skateboarder Vinton Pacetti in 1999, 187 Killer Pads is an industry leader and the go-to protective gear brand of pro-skaters worldwide. The revolutionary form-fitting designs produced by this iconic Californian based company include elbow pads, knee pads, helmets and wrist guards. Always on the ball with new technology, their protective gear is light, comfortable and safe. Loved by the likes of Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Tom Schaar, 187 Killer Pads have plenty of pro-skater ambassadors.

    No matter what your discipline, be it mega ramp skating, long-distance or tech slides, professional protective gear is essential. Although falling down is par for the course, protecting high-impact areas of your body from injury is the only smart way to skate. 187 Killer Pads takes safety seriously, expertly engineering all their products with tried and tested technology and only the highest quality of materials.

    Discover low and mid-weight high protection crafted from superior foam systems and durable outer shells that absorb high impacts and prevent cuts and scrapes. Slick Willies' selection of 187 Killer Pads protective skate gear will safeguard you against injury without compromising your comfort.