How to Hire Rollerblades and Roller Skates in London

Hello Hello. Stephen @whataspoon here. Today it is my pleasure to announce that Skate Hire has returned at Slick Willie's Skate Store. In this article I shall let you know how it works and give you some recommendations on what you can do and where you can go with the skates.

What skates can I hire?

At Slicks, we now offer brand-new Rollerblades and Roller Skates for you to borrow. Our Rollerblade 80 skates for 2024 are celebrated for their comfort and superior fit, making them an excellent choice for rentals. Typically, you can select your shoe size, and the skates should fit perfectly. These skates feature 80mm wheels with a hardness of 85A, ideal for navigating the streets of London.

For those who prefer quads, we provide Ventro Pro Turbo skates. These skates also fit most people based on their regular shoe size and are well-suited for street skating. The wheels measure 61.5mm in diameter and 37.5mm in width, with a hardness of 83A, making them perfect for the paths of London.

Because both of these models have a plastic outer shell with a removable liner they are more durable and should last us a long time. Afterall, they are the two best selling skates we have in the shop. If you would like to purchase these skates then you can find the links for both below.

Rollerblade RB 80 Skates
Ventro Pro Turbo Skates

Buy a pair of skates within a week of hiring and get £10 off your purchase.

Is Protection gear included?

Alongside the skates, you can take a helmet and pads free of charge to use with your skates. We strongly recommend you accept this offer to protect yourself against injuries to your head, wrists, knees and elbows. We have Helmets in S/M and L/XL and then pad sets in S, M, L and XL.

How to Hire the Skates

Our skates are available to hire on our website here

The skates must be booked online and cannot be booked in store so you will have to get onto our website before you come to the store to guarantee that your size will be available. This is extremely recommended for weekends and bank holidays. On quieter days you may be able to turn up at the shop and then head to the website on your phone to read the terms and book the skates but we would recommend that you book ahead of your journey in case the skates are not available.

Please bring valid ID (Driving licence, Passport...) or £50 cash for each pair of skates hired as a deposit. This will be returned to you once the skates have been returned to us.

The skates can be hired for one day or for multiple days so you can actually take them home or to your hotel for one or a few nights and use them as you wish. This is great for those who are on a holiday and would like to see the city on skates without returning to the shop everyday. All we ask is that you return the skates at the designated time so we can prepare them for the next booking.

Same day: £20
Overnight: £30
3 days: £35
4 days: £40
5 days: £45
6 days: £50
7 days: £55

Things to do on the skates?

If you are a beginner skater, once you have your skates you can take a short walk to Kensington Gardens and put the skates on there for a nice skate around the park or you can take your skates to do a lesson with some of the instructors in Hyde Park. This can be booked with them through their individual websites which you can find here.

I personally work for London Skate Life who offer a first class for free for adults who would like to try our skating classes so check that out here.

London also has the famous Friday night skate and Sunday stroll that happens weekly. This is organised by London street skates and is completely free. Check out the London Street Skates website to find out when and where these street skates take place.  For those who can't quite skate on the roads just yet, if you would like to join an easier stroll then check out the Battersea Easy Skate.

By renting skates from Slick Willie’s Limited, you agree that Slick Willie’s Limited will not accept any liability for any incidents or injuries you encounter while renting out skates, nor are we required to provide any form of compensation. You rent and skate at your own risk and therefore accept full responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst skating.