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Street Sledge - Purple Haze

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The Street Sledge in Purple Haze is a crazy piece of kit, a sledge for the streets!

Is it a skateboard, no. Is it a longboard, no. This is the amazing Street Sledge in Purple Haze colourway. Easy to use it is a cross between a skateboard, a go kart and snow sledge. The best way to look at it is sledging on the street, simply find a hill, get in and hold on!


  • Size: 78cm x 40cm
  • Deck: ‘SuperFlex’ nylon fibre mix
  • Trucks: 180mm wide RKP
  • Bushing: 85a
  • Wheels: 70mm 78a HR
  • Bearings: Abec 7
  • Weight 3.8kg

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