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    Shibui is a brand for style-conscious skaters. Manufactured in Brighton but inspired by Japan, the Japanese word ‘Shibui’ refers to subtle, simple and unobtrusive beauty, which is precisely what you get with this collection of skateboards. These designs fuse traditional Japanese textile prints with slick, contemporary Western designs, creating a set of boards that are unique, beautiful to look at and high-performance. Shibui boards are the perfect balance of beauty and brains, as their pleasing appearance is matched with all the features you need for the best skating experience.

    We stock a great selection of Shibui boards, which are available in a range of sizes and designs. Whatever your skating requirements may be, there’s a board that will suit your style and skillset. To find your ideal Shibui board, just browse the Shibui catalogue from Slick Willie’s today.