Sacrifice Scooters

Sacrifice scooters & sacrifice stunt scooters are the perfect way to get around. Whether you're off to work or school, want to cruise around the city, or just have some fun, these scooters provide a reliable & stylish mode of transport. With free delivery on orders over £100 & unlimited return time

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    What Are Sacrifice Scooters?

    Sacrifice Scooters have been pioneers in the stunt scooter world for more than half a decade, setting the standard for a variety of other stunt scooter brands following in their wake. The Australian company have singlehandedly revolutionised the way scooters are made, delivering ultra-lightweight, durable and shock-resistant scooters perfect for park and street riding. Gone are the days of simple JD Bug or Micro commuter scooters; with Sacrifice Scooters you know you will have a product that can support all the backflips, tail-whips and front-flips you can manage.

    Sacrifice Scooters look to the BMX world to bring in new product advances anywhere they can. Their popular Flyte series marries a lightweight yet sturdy deck with BMX inspired wide-bars, resulting in a pioneering scooter design that is hard to find elsewhere. Sacrifice Scooters sponsor riders that include the 11-year-old Jax Whittaker, alongside other notable riders such as Sean Williams.