Santa Cruz Skateboard & Accessories

We believe in providing longboarders and skaters with the best equipment and clothing from our range. With a huge selection of Santa Cruz boards and apparel to choose from, you can find everything you need for your next skate session. And with free delivery on orders over £100.

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    Check out our range from Santa Cruz skateboards here, this iconic brand has been around forever and the Santa Cruz screaming hand is one of skateboarding's most famous designs. If you are looking for Santa Cruz skateboard decks we have got you covered, we have both the standard popsicle shape and old school pool board shapes available. Some Santa Cruz boards look so good you almost want them up on the wall and it seems a shame to skate them. We also have a selection of Santa Cruz clothing available with screaming hand T shirts being one of our best sellers along with the classic dot logo. At the moment under the guidance of Shiner Distribution the brand seems to be more popular than ever and we plan to increase our range of Santa Cruz skateboard gear over the coming years. Keep checking back for more of the good stuff.