Skateboard Wheels

At Slick Willie's, we offer an extensive range of skateboard wheels from the leading brands in the industry. Our selection includes wheels for street and park skating, as well as options specifically designed for rougher terrain. We are proud to provide wheels that meet the highest quality standards.

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    The Best Skateboard Wheels

    Skateboard wheels have two key areas to take note of, the size and the hardness of the urethane. The size is measured in mm and the larger the wheel the faster you will roll, a smaller wheel is lighter and easier to do flip tricks with. Wheel hardness is measured with a letter A or D, the higher the number the harder the wheel. Softer skateboard wheels (below 90A) are designed to withstand rougher terrain and offer a smoother more grippy ride. Harder wheels (above 90A and anything with a D rating) are more suitable for skating on smoother ground, on the street and in skate parks.

    At Slick Willie’s we stock skateboard wheels from all the best brands including Bones, Spitfire, Ricta and more. Some people love nothing more than ripping up the ramps and rails at the skate park while others prefer to hang out with their friends completing stunts on the street. Both styles of skateboarding are fun, great exercise and incredibly rewarding, but you need to know which parts to buy depending on your particular style. Fortunately, you'll find everything you need to be your best here at Slick Willie's. We have a broad selection of small, lightweight wheels for skateboards, especially those that want to make flip tricks straightforward, but we also have some larger and softer skate wheels for skaters that want to glide around the skate park seamlessly. Plus, we only supply products from the world's best skateboard wheels brands, so browse our range today to find the perfect wheels for you.