Push Scooters

At Slick Willies, we know a thing or two about scooters. We have an amazing range of push scooters for sale here in the UK that are sure to suit your needs, whatever kind of rider you may be! We offer the latest models from some of the biggest names in the industry, all at competitive prices

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    The Best Scooters

    At Slick Willie’s we stock a fantastic range of scooters that caters for everyone. Whether you need a commuter Micro scooter for getting to work or school or a stunt scooter for the skatepark we will have something suitable.

    At Slick Willies we have been selling micro scooters since they first came out and throughout the years we have seen their popularity grow and grow. We also have a great variety of kids scooters and adult scooters in stock and have the knowledge to help you find what you need.

    If tricks are what you want to do then we have stunt scooters for all ages and abilities. We stock all the major brands including Madd MGP Scooters, Grit Scooters, Sacrifice Scooters, Blunt, Fasen, District and so much more. All our staff have a fantastic knowledge of scooters so if you need any help.

    Whether you are looking for something that will make light work of short trips in busy cities or you need a scooter that you can use to hone your stunt skills in the local skate park, we have just what you need right here in our online store.

    If you and your family enjoy riding scooters for fun and you are not really looking for tricked out stunt models designed for hardcore enthusiasts, we recommend checking out our range of micro scooters online. Each one has been designed to be durable, fun and easy to use, and the range includes childrens scooters, for teenagers, and full-grown adults too. In addition to being superbly designed and well made, they are among the most affordable high-quality scooters you will find for sale online, or anywhere in the United Kingdom for that matter.

    Give us a call, visit our store or check out our skaters buying guide page to find our individual scooter buying guides.