Helmets For Skateboards, Scooters And Skates

When it comes to safety in skating, wearing a helmet is not only important but also essential. We offer a range of scooter helmets, skateboard helmets and skating safety helmets, designed for optimum protection & durability. With features like quick-release straps for easy adjustments & sturdy shell construction

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    The Best Helmets For Scooters, Skateboarding & Skating

    Most people wear a helmet when they are cycling, but it is also a good idea to wear a helmet if you enjoy skating or scooting too.

    If you are looking to buy a new helmet, look no further. Here at Slick Willie’s we have all the options you need with a range of models, colours and prices. We have been selling helmets for skateboards, scooters and roller skates for 40 years and we know everything there is to know about all things skate.

    Wearing a helmet is a good idea for safety. All the helmets are tested and meet strict British safety standards. Our helmets come in a variety of sizes for children and adults and need to fit well around the head. Measure your head before ordering and make sure the helmet doesn’t tilt to the front or back - if it does, you need a smaller size.

    The popular K2 Varsity Pro Helmet comes in different colours and is suitable for all of your skating needs. This helmet is light, has great padding and is built to last. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, why not try the Rekd Elite Helmet? Designed for protection and comfort, it has a strong outer shell but is still light to wear.

    Still unsure which helmet to choose? Contact a member of our team today. We are on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.