Spitfire Skateboard Wheels & Accessories

Spitfire skateboard bearings and wheels provide the necessary elements to transfer power from your feet to your board. Their range of products offer maximum speed, control and durability. Whether you're a beginner or experienced skater, Spitfire has something for everyone.

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    Here is our full range of Spitfire skateboard wheels and other hardware from this amazing brand. Spitfire Wheels are famous the world over and for good reason, their quality is second to none, they have an incredible pro skateboard team and their flamin bighead logo is iconic.

    Spitfire Wheels

    If you haven't tried Spitfire Formula Four Wheels then now is the time, to put it simply there are not many better wheels out there and most of our shop riders and staff skate them. Formula 4 wheels are smooth, ridiculously fast and super durable with flat spots being a thing of the past.

    Formula Four Classic

    Formula Four Classic skateboard wheel shapes are designed to provide a balance of speed, grip and durability. They're a great all rounder no matter what your preferred terrain is. The Classic shape is also popular with beginner and intermediate skaters who are looking for an all-purpose wheel that can help them improve their skills.

    Formula Four Lock ins

    The Formula Four Lock–ins have a unique hybrid shape, which is wide meaning they’re perfect for perfecting your first grind. The outside edge is shaped like a colonial, while the inside edge is straight.

    Formula Four Conical

    Formula Four Conical skateboard wheel shapes are great for park riding when you want a bit of extra control. The wheel shape is conical shaped and the corners are just cut away and not rounded.

    Formula Four Conical Full

    Conical Formula Four skateboard wheel shapes are designed for speed and stability. They offer a good balance of both qualities, making them ideal for experienced riders who want to go fast and perform tricks with confidence. They’re the widest of all the Spitfire wheels and the rounded profile of these wheels provides added grip on the pavement, while the conical shape helps them provide a quicker and smoother ride.

    Spitfire Bearings

    We also sell Spitfire bearings and our best selling Cheapshots are worth a mention, for a tenner you simply can't go wrong and they make a great cheap alternative to Bones Reds. If you need any advice on our selection of Spitfire wheels or other skate hardware please get in touch.

    For more information on wheel size, hardness and shape options, read our Skateboard Wheels Buyer's Guide