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Our Primitive skateboards and skateboard decks offer the highest levels of quality. They are crafted from premium materials, with attention to detail in every component. Whether you're a beginner or experienced skater, our boards are ideal for your needs.

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    Thunder Trucks

    Here is our full range of Thunder skateboards trucks, we have a full set of sizes in stock which vary in quality from the standards all the way up to titaniums. To give you a brief rundown on the different levels of Thunder trucks we will break it down like this. Standard Thunder's come with solid kingpins and axles, Thunder Lights Trucks are upgraded and feature hollow kingpins, a step up and you get hollow lights which come with both hollow kingpins and axles. Finally at the top of the range you get Thunder titanium lights, on top of the aircraft grade hollow kingpins you get super light and strong titanium axles. These trucks are as good as you can get, expensive but worth it if you have the cash.

    Thunder Trucks Size Guide

    Thunder trucks come in the axle widths below, guaranteeing a fit for your board:


    Axle Length

    Skateboard Deck Width



    6.9 - 7.4"



    7.4 - 7.8"



    7.8 - 8.2"



    8.1 - 8.4"



    8.3 - 8.7"



    8.6 - 9.0"

    For more information on how to make sure you’re fitting the right size truck, read our Skateboard Truck Buyer's Guide.

    All of our Thunder trucks are available with free UK delivery and we have a full selection in store too, if you want any advice on sizing please give us a shout but in our skateboard trucks section it is easy to filter by your deck size to find your perfect set of Thunder's.