Powerslide Skates

Slick Willie's has the perfect pair of Powerslide Inline Skates for you. Our extensive range of products means that we have something to suit every budget and level of skating ability. From entry-level recreational skate boots with lightweight frames to high-performance race models


    What Are Powerslide Skates?

    Powerslide have been providing the inline skate world with high-end skates of all fractions of inline skating, from recreational, to powerblade, to aggressive skating. Their decades of German engineering has lead Powerslide to develop some of the most popular free skates amongst serious inline skaters. For those of you who like the adrenaline rush and challenge of the more risky side of skating, Powerslide S4 and Powerslide Hardcore Evo models are good options for you, with the evo model having a much more advanced specification. If you’re a recreational inline skater that likes the look of free skating but you’re new to it, we recommend the Powerslide imperial inline skates.

    Powerslide inline skates will always be some of the best on the market as they have been designed by skaters for skaters.