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    Step up your skate game with our collection of Lakai skate sneakers. Co-founded by skate legends Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, Lakai’s reputation in the skate community has soared worldwide since its inception back in 1999. With endorsement from icons such as Vincent Alvarez, Tony & Riley Hawk and Yonnie Cruz to name a few, these sneaks get you repping pro-West-Coast style.

    Bringing next-level comfort to your board essentials, choose from an array of staple colourways and silhouettes, whilst keeping your tread protected with a hard-wearing underfoot. With durable textile and premium leather suede uppers increasing the longevity of your step, the signature Lakai Flare keeps an OG stamp on your shoe wherever you skate.

    Secure venture and ventilation whilst copping your skate and street essentials. Whether you opt for the innovative Proto, breezy Fremont or the old but gold Griffin classic, Lakai keeps you covered.