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    If you’re an entry-level inline skater looking for your first awesome buy, or if you simply love skating for fun and light fitness, Bladerunner is your go-to brand. They are the younger sibling of leading inline skate brand Rollerblade and utilise the experience and engineering of their high profile parent to produce affordable entry-point inline skates that are fantastic quality and offer superior comfort and support.

    Bladerunner skates focus on performance and ease whilst being value-driven - they are perfect for fitness and cruising. The brand designs skates for men, women and children. Some of their best selling junior models are crafted as adjustable skates that expand up to four shoe sizes, so kids can carry on rolling as their feet begin to grow.

    Bladerunner's adult inline skates offer you support, speed and style. Features include aluminium frames, 84mm wheels, ABEC 7 bearings and easy-to-buckle power straps. Their collection of inline skates will take you from beginner to intermediate level, sharpening your skills and giving you both pace and control. Bladerunner is all about a smooth ride to teach you balance, movement and confidence. With generous padding and fantastic roll capabilities, Bladerunner skates are easy to use for beginners and are great for when you want to start learning basic moves.

    Bladerunner inline skates are backed by Rollerblade technology, so you know you are always going to get the best in craftsmanship, stability and control. Their sleek designs and affordable price points make them extremely appealing for novice skaters that need extra stability, supportive shells and more speed with less effort. Fast and stylish, Bladerunner will transition you from a rookie to an experienced beginner in no time at all, helping you to master breaking techniques, gain fantastic momentum and navigate different terrains at comfortable speeds.