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Micro Speed Scooter - Silver

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Excellent scooter for both adults and children, this is the Micro Speed Scooter in Silver.

The Micro Speed Scooter in Silver is among our most popular Micro Scooters as it can been used comfortably by both adults and children. It comes with medium sized 145mm wheels which provide a smooth ride but also make the speed considerably lighter than some other adult scooters in the range, it weighs in at 3.8 kgs.

An excellent lightweight scooter for everyday use the Micro Speed also has a shock-dampening system which provides a smooth, bump-free ride. The ball bearings in the centre of the wheels are embedded in silicone, these help reduce the vibration going through the scooter as you travel over rough ground. Finally the scooter is easy to fold making it quick to store and convenient to transport.


  • Weight of scooter 3.8kg
  • Handlebar height up to 98cm
  • Max rider weight 95kg
  • With kickstand
  • Swiss designed and engineered

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