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    Roll faster with Sure-Grip QUBE bearings from Slick Willie's. Designed and developed by professional roller skaters – and using the very latest technology – Sure-Grip's QUBE bearings promise a level of quality you simply won't find elsewhere.

    Since they began in 1936, Sure-Grip has rapidly grown to become leaders in the research and development of roller skates – using top-grade materials like lightweight aluminium, titanium and magnesium. As pioneers in the manufacturing of roller skates, their QUBE bearings guarantee smoother all-round performance and speed and have been specially designed for quad roller skates. They are available in a variety of different levels too, with their ceramic bearings being top of the range.

    Their QUBE ceramic bearings use state-of-the-art ceramic ball technology, and come with eight balls available in 8mm, while the QUBE 8-ball bearings are available in 7 and 8mm, and have been specially designed to hold more side load than other bearings. So whether it’s ceramic or 8-ball, get your Sure-Grip QUBE bearings from Slick Willie's at competitive prices today.