Dominator Scooters

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    What Are Dominator Scooters?

    If you're a dedicated stunt scooter rider, then you're looking for a scooter that can pull off the slickest tricks. A Dominator scooter is ideal for this, with the right design by top experts in the industry. At Slick WIllie’s, we have a range of stunt scooters by this premium brand from the USA.

    Available in a range of cool colours, our selected range from Dominator include the Cadet Stunt, Ranger Stunt, Trooper and Airborne scooters. Whether you're taking it down the skate park, or freestyling it in the streets of the city, a Dominator scooter has been designed with a competitive edge in mind.

    At a price that will suit any pocket, these scooters provide professional competition quality for all budgets. Suit up, get on a Dominator scooter and dominate the competition. Perform jumps, kicks and tricks like a professional champion with one of these premium stunt scooters.

    High quality but offering huge value for money, these are brilliant bits of kit from a highly regarded manufacturer in the industry. At Slick Willie’s, we only sell the best, so if you want to kick your tricks up a gear, call us now.