Longboard Trucks

Our range of longboard trucks is second to none. We offer a selection of high-quality longboard trucks & Paris V2 trucks that are ideal for riders who want to take their longboarding skills to the next level & give you the perfect ride experience. Not only that, but all orders over £100 come with free delivery.


    The Best Trucks For Longboards

    When you’re thinking of putting together a complete longboard, you will need two longboard trucks. They are metal T-shaped components that connect to the wheels on the longboard deck’s underside.

    Longboard trucks are wider than skateboard trucks, so don’t be tempted to mistakenly buy the latter. You’ll find that the two types are not interchangeable. Longboard trucks tend to be 180mm or 150mm wide, depending on the size of the deck.

    The truck itself is not one intact piece, but consists of several parts - the axle, kingpin, hangar and bushings. The kingpins are often reversed or inverted, so a longboard truck is often termed as a “reverse kingpin” truck. Also, easier manoeuvrability and turning are enabled by the use of softer bushings than would be used in a standard truck. Bear in mind that if any of these parts break, they can all be bought and replaced individually.

    We provide some of the most popular and high-quality longboard trucks so that you can fit the best colour and style on your own board. Browse our Paris V2 180mm longboard trucks, available in a variety of colours, including black, green, macaron pink, macaron blue, matt black, tiffany and blue satin. Or for something more interesting, why not consider the unique Kittens pattern?