FR Skates

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    What Are FR Skates?

    FR Skates is a new company on the scene but a company that has years of experience already, if you are confused here is a brief explanation. The concept for the FR Skates came about in 2006 when Sebastien Laffargue and Gregoire Pinto designed a new breed of Freestyle inline skates.

    The brand began as Seba and over the last decade the range grew and grew. Now Sebastien and his team have decided they want to take things in a different direction and they have parted ways with Seba to focus on their own FR brand. Looking at the range you will be able to recognise the skates straight away and don't worry the classic FRX and FR1 skates are here to stay and in fact looking better than ever. To continue reading about the FR Skate Range we have put together an FR Skates Guide on the different skates available and how they differ.